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For a great start

Tai Cheng

For years, medical experts have been recommending gentle exercises like tai chi to help reduce aches and pains, improve balance and mobility, and strengthen muscles and joints. Now. Dr. Cheng has incorporated the latest techniques from modern sports and fitness science to help transform tai chi into something that’s SIMPLE TO UNDERSTAND, EASY TO FOLLOW, AND A JOY TO MASTER.

Tai Cheng can help reduce your pain and make it easier for you to get around—and that makes it easier for you to do so much more with your life.

Imagine how much more confident you would feel in your own body if you could go back to doing the things you love to do.

Tai Cheng can help you be the master of your own life, with the independence to live the way you want to.

Tai Cheng helps make sure nothing stops you from living the long, healthy life
you deserve.

For a better power

Dragon Door: Applied Combat Kettlebells For Maximum Martial Power

Dr. Cheng’s masterly Kettlebell Warrior represents the most comprehensive attempt yet to illustrate how Pavel’s Naked Warrior and HardStyle training concepts can contribute magnificently to the skill and proficiency of ANY fighter—be it a classical practitioner of the Asian martial arts, an MMA contender, or an operator whose very life can depend on his martial prowess.

“As a US Marine, I depend on using my RKC training to assist in maintaining my physical fitness. As such, I am constantly in search of different methods to improve my technique and increase my stamina. Kettlebell Warrior is an outstanding tool and is a must for anyone looking to improve their proficiency with a kettlebell. Straight forward and directly to the point, Dr Cheng carefully lays out in plain language the fundamentals of working with the kettlebell, and then masterfully ties them directly into a martial arts application. Whether a beginner or experienced RKC/martial artist, this DVD set contains a treasure trove of information that will exponentially help you improve your technique. Semper Fi Doc and job well done!”—Col. Mike Gann USMC, Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan.

If you enjoy swinging

Dragon Door: Kettlebells from the Ground Up

Can one exercise sequence do it all? Can one exercise provide insight into how you move? Could one exercise be the key to achieving a balanced and strong body? Well, according to the two of the most highly regarded “Engineers of Movement Mastery”, Gray Cook and Brett Jones, the answer is a resounding Yes! It would be the revered Turkish Get-Up.

The old time strongmen used the Get-Up as an “entrance exam” requiring a 100-pound Get-Up on each side before beginning any other training. And today the Get-Up represents an opportunity for everyone to regain the “beautiful strength” and symmetry that our so-called fitness routines should bring us—but invariably don’t!

And as you would expect of these Masters of Movement Engineering, they don’t just stop at showing you how to perform the exercise. Discover why the Turkish Get-Up is simultaneously a profound and broad-ranging assessment tool, a tremendously effective corrective strategy and a formidable workout where the sky’s the limit for athletic accomplishment.

For advanced swingers

Dragon Door: Kettlebells from the Ground Up 2

How to Move More Freely and Build Greater Strength—By Addressing and Removing Your Current Restrictions.

Discover unique, advanced techniques for really opening up your hips, shoulders, and t-spine—while enhancing your stability to a dramatic new degree.

Kettlebells from the Ground Up 2: Advanced Progressions provides information on philosophy, basic set-up, and advanced progressions based on the Get-Up. Brett Jones, Dr. Mark Cheng, and Jeff O’Connor guide you through mastering the Get-Up and achieving the ultimate goal of Kalos Sthenos (Beautiful Strength).

A strong correlation exists between the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) and the Get-Up; the advanced corrections demonstrated in this DVD will help clean up your asymmetries and improve many of your movement patterns.

For rehab

Kettlebell Rehab: Hardstyle Methods in Corrective Exercise

Thanks to the efforts of Pavel Tsatsouline and other former Eastern Bloc athletes and trainers, the Russian kettlebell has proven to be a solid fixture on the fitness scene. However, few fully appreciate the rehabilitative potential of this unique device. While some trainers are eager to “pile fitness on dysfunction” or simply hope to train around their client’s neuromuscular imbalances, Tsatsouline has partnered with Gray Cook’s Functional Movement Systems™ (FMS) to create a system that addresses the need for rehabilitative and pre-habilitative exercise. This video will integrate FMS concepts with specific kettlebell exercises so you can help your clients regain mobility and functionality.
By Mark Cheng, PhD, Doug Nepodal

For better strength

Prehab/Rehab 101, The Groundwork Progressions DVD

In this video workshop, Mark Cheng covers the developmental positions from lying in periscope to the sphinx position, crawling, tall-kneeling and half-kneeling. In each position, he offers drills, and uses his three assistants to demonstrate the positions and drills while Mark makes suggestions to fine-tune each movement.

If you’re able to master the inventory of movement that your sport or activities require, you’ll be able to do more with your body without increasing the risk of injury.

That’s what the progressions in Prehab-Rehab 101 will help you achieve. They’ll help you or your clients master a rich inventory of movement that will raise the body’s ability to handle athletic demands without compromise or increased risk of injury.

Whether you’re a professional basketball player, a fighter, a Crossfitter, a P90Xer, a high school athlete, someone coming back from an injury, or someone trying to get back into shape, these progressions will help shore up the weak links in your kinetic chain, and help you move better and more powerfully.

Kettlebells Los Angeles v2.0 Clothing!

Ask and you shall receive…

For those of you who’ve been asking about the original KBLA T-shirts, they are no more. I maybe have 2 or 3 XXLs somewhere deep in the recesses of my garage, and that’s about it.

But since we kicked off the KBLA Sunday morning “Gathering” again, where I was asked several times about the availability of Kettlebells Los Angeles T-shirts, I figured that it just might be time to make some new offerings.

I’m proud to announce that thanks to the help of Sifu Steven Resell, I was able to find a way to make sure that the new v2.0 design was printed on quality apparel and available for shipping to all.

Whether you’re looking for:

  • a premium fine jersey T,
  • a Gildan Ultra Cotton long sleeve T,
  • a Hanes Women’s nano fitted T, and/or
  • a Gildan Heavy Blend Hoodie

We’ve got you covered with the new gold-band design on the front, the original KBLA logo on the back, and the neckline URL.

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