Dr. Mark Cheng

Speaker/lecturer on optimum human performance & orthopedic medicine through proven kettlebell training methods, FMS/SFMA Functional Movement analysis, TRX Sports Medicine rehabilitative & strength training, traditional martial arts/combative systems, & traditional Chinese manual medicine.

Since his youth, Dr. Mark Cheng developed quite a fascination with traditional martial arts. As a child, he began his foray into Chinese martial arts by learning the rudiments of self-defense and Tai-Chi with his father. The artistry, athleticism, character building, cultural pride, and self-confidence aspects he saw portrayed in East Asian cinema won him over early on, and he sought out the top instructors of many different disciplines to study with and train under when he relocated to the Los Angeles area to attend college.

During his undergraduate career, spanning from Caltech to UCLA (where he graduated with his baccalaureate in East Asian Studies), Cheng was exposed to a wide variety of martial arts styles and systems from around the world. As he researched more deeply into the Chinese martial arts, he noticed that all of the most respected masters were also well versed in Chinese traumatological medicine (“Dit Da”, sometimes referred to as “Chinese osteopathy”) at a minimum while some even became practicing licensed acupuncturists and herbalists. In dealing with the various injuries, including muscle strains, sprains, fractures, and joint injuries, these skilled masters demonstrated the healing potential of their different acupuncture, herbal, and Tui-Na manual treatment abilities on Cheng and many others.

The treatments and their immediate benefits left such a profound impression on Cheng that he went on to earn his Masters and Doctorate (Ph.D.) degrees in Chinese medicine and acupuncture, as well as his California State acupuncture license (L.Ac.), allowing him to practice professionally. He also taught Tui-Na (Chinese manual therapeutics) for two of the strongest Chinese medicine colleges in the Los Angeles area.

Not content to rest on the strength of his coursework, Dr. Cheng also made regular efforts to study with the top Chinese-style manual therapists, Western physical therapists, and strength training experts to gain a wider understanding of the human body and the safest, most efficient ways of helping it perform at a higher level with less pain and dysfunction.

During his training with kettlebell pioneer, Pavel Tsatsouline, Dr. Cheng was introduced to the founder of the Functional Movement Screen, Gray Cook. Cook’s method of analyzing dysfunctional movement patterns in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of pain and injury proved to be a pivotal movement in Cheng’s clinical development, allowing him to more fully appreciate how to integrate acupuncture, Tui-Na, martial arts strength and conditioning exercises, Hardstyle kettlebell training, and elite athletic performance.

While working on fine-tuning training programs for athletes, Cheng noticed that the athletes who were open to working on refining the safest & simplest movement patterns were those who generally experienced the greatest improvements in performance, felt decreases in pain levels, and noticed faster, shorter recovery times.

He took some of the movement interventions that he found most effective and put them together into a systematic progression called “Prehab-Rehab”. MovementLectures.com encouraged him to share these progressions, which then became the “Prehab-Rehab 101: The Groundwork Progressions” DVD, which teaches the movements and the theory behind them in a step-by-step, easy to follow format.

Today, Dr. Cheng owns a successful private practice in Santa Monica, California, gives speaking engagements, workshops, & seminars internationally, and is constantly working on producing better instructional resources for improving athletic performance in elite athletes and more pain-free movement and strength for everyday people.

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