& discipline

are the keys to transforming goals into successful realities.

As a lifelong student of healing, harming, and helping the human body through martial and medical sciences, I’ve devoted countless hours across continents to connect the dots for you.

Optimal human performance through movement is one of my fundamental yardsticks, and our goal is to give you a way to express your body’s best, most athletic movement in a pain-free, sustainable fashion.

You may have heard me speaking or lecturing about prehab or rehab exercises in clips on YouTube or seen my Tai Cheng infomercial on TV. You might have even read about some of my work with professional sports athletes, Olympians, or other celebrities.

But the principles of health are both universal and accessible for everyone… if you understand how the body breaks and how the body works. That’s why I’ve distilled decades of RKC/StrongFirst kettlebell strength training methods, TRX Suspension training principles, Functional Movement Systems FMS/SFMA movement pattern analysis, and biomechanical optimization principles from cultures around the world to fast-track you to the healthiest, happiest, and heartiest you that you can be.

I am taking on a handful of new select clients. If you are interested,to learn more click here.

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