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Through a lifetime of passion, learning, honing, refining, and distilling methods and practices of both the western and eastern world, I have developed a system that helps everyone from the office jock to top performing athletes and c-suite executives to move better, perform better, feel better with less pain, achieve faster and shorter recovery times, and at the end of the day live better lives. On this site, you will find resources, guides, and tools to empower you to move to feel & live better. Welcome!

– Dr. Mark Cheng

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I’ve had the honor & pleasure of treating, training, traveling with, and teaching some of the world’s most accomplished performers. From Olympians and CEOs to entrepreneurs and stay-at-home moms to kids and college athletes, everyone benefits from finding a smoother path to better movement. With the right guidance zeroing us into precision movement along with learning to develop & preserve inner balance, we learn to move and train in a way that’s the perfect balance between strong and safe. That’s the foundation of better movement, more sustainable health, and a more lasting happiness.

“Slowness is the mother of all good movement. Slowness is the mother of speed because slow movement allows you to be mentally serene, dynamically smooth, intrinsically strong, & interactively safe. Even in an art like swordsmanship (where most fixate on speed and/or savagery), slow training allows you to observe strategy with structure and detail without distortion, developing an awareness of subtlety and giving you a pathway to learning supremacy. You groove skill without stress, you learn synergy without strain, and you learn suppleness without sickness.”

– Dr. Mark Cheng

In the same way that I took traditional Yang style Tai Chi and reformatted it into an easily understood and digestible learning and training method with Tai Cheng (available through Beachbody, the producers of P90X), I’m bringing you this special Cliff’s Notes version of some of my best stuff. To get sneak peeks on these mobility, flexibility, longevity, and functional fitness workouts, please sign up for my newsletter HERE. You’ll get unique insights and special announcements about training tools before the rest of the crowd.


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