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Welcome to my site. I am a rehabilitative and restorative movement researcher/clinician. I have spent a lifetime learning, honing, refining, and distilling methods and practices to help both athletes, and everyone else experienced the greatest improvements in performance, feel decreases in pain levels, and achieve faster shorter recovery times.

– Mark Cheng

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As featured in the 4 Hour Body, and many other publications,

Dr. Mark Cheng brings a unique insight and expertise on “best practices” through a blended diverse mix of martial arts, strength training, western medicine-based movement analysis, and East Asian medicine.

Whether working with a patient who is recovering from surgery or rehabilitating from injury or training a professional athlete or team who needs to be able to play harder and last longer with shorter recovery periods, the most effective training methods usually aren’t far from the most productive rehab protocols.

Running a successful clinic out of Los Angeles, along with doing speaking engagements, workshops, and developing new products and solutions all over the world, this website was created to be a place to share these new insights, and create new opportunities to share the wisdom, and products created through his passion and dedication to making the world better one person at a time.

Learn more by visiting the blog, viewing our featured projects, and if you have an upcoming event or opportunity you can reach out to book Dr. Mark Cheng here.